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Amazon Kindle Oasis eBook Reader: High-Resolution Display with Waterproof

Amazon E-Ink e-book reader top model “Kindle Oasis” has appeared a new model. The price is $349.99 and is slightly cheaper than the previous model.

Kindle Oasis is an e-book reader with an E-Ink display. It is the highest model of Kindle with E-Ink, and the screen size is 7 inches, the largest in the series. The number of LEDs is 25, which is five times that of other Kindles.

E-reader Amazon

The new model is equipped with a color change light that can change the color of the screen from white to warm amber. Like the Night Shift of the iPhone, it can be automatically adjusted according to the sunrise and sunset times, so it can be displayed in warm colors at night to create an eye-friendly reading experience. In addition, by improving E-Ink, it is said that it supports faster page-turning.

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When you touch the actual model of the new model, the appearance is the same as the previous model. Although it is the same feeling as the predecessor, reading on a large screen of 7 inches is still comfortable.

Kindle Oasis E-Reader

Visibility is outstanding because there are more backlights than other Kindle series. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the best e-book reader that you can choose now if you don’t spare the expense of $349.99, including the ability to use Amazon’s ecosystem, which allows you to read and purchase books only with a terminal.

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The biggest evolution of the new model is that the color temperature of the display can be changed freely. The color temperature of the screen can be finely adjusted in 24 steps and can be automatically adjusted according to sunrise and sunset.

The previous display had the sensation of the blue component sticking to the eyes at night, but the new model has a warmer color tone and feels like reading a book under an orange light bulb.

Kindle Oasis E-Book

The page-feeding is certainly sharp due to the faster response speed of E-Ink, which is another evolution point, but the afterimage peculiar to E-Ink still remains.

The waterproof performance of IPX8 grade, which is a feature of the Oasis series, is inherited from the previous model. Because it can withstand immersion for up to 60 minutes in freshwater at a depth of 2m, it is also suitable for reading in the bath or poolside.

In addition, as an impression that touched the actual machine, it is the impression that it has not evolved enough to transfer from the predecessor Oasis and if you buy it, you will definitely feel its value.

“The only drawback” is to use Micro USB

On the other hand, there was a small disappointment. That means that the terminal is a legacy Micro USB. The author has been abandoning micro USB from the products around, but it is quite inconvenient to have a micro USB charging environment just for this unit.

You can feel that it would be a good idea to wait until the next product was renovated to USB-C. That said, there is no problem for users who don’t mind micro USB.

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