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Amazon employees claim that the company forced them to work hard for 10 hours

Amazon recently told employees at the DCH1 warehouse in Chicago that it would close the facility. DCH1 has always been the site of protests and strikes. It is also home to the DCH1 Amazon Federation, an advocacy organization that has successfully petitioned the company for paid leave for part-time employees.

According to Motherboard, the company provides employees with two options: they can work on a 10-hour “big cycle” shift in other factories, or they can find new jobs.

The giant shift system is a relatively new development of Amazon’s delivery station. They saw the company’s warehouse employees work continuously for 10 hours in shifts in the cemetery, usually starting in the early morning and ending at lunchtime.

Amazon told Motherboard that more than half of its last-mile delivery network is already in the model. According to reports, when switching to the new model, Amazon also phased out the shorter shift system it previously provided to workers, which the company questioned.

Amazon employees claim that the company forced them to work hard for 10 hours
Amazon employees claim that the company forced them to work hard for 10 hours

“It is not accurate to only require employees of DCH1 to change to a single shift type. We provide a wide range of job opportunities on Amazon.com, and we are working directly with each employee to provide them with the best support,” Amazon spokesperson Jen Crowcroft said, “Our employees are the soul of our operations, and we are happy to continue to provide great and flexible career opportunities in world-class facilities.”

The motherboard shows that Amazon is turning to a mega-cycle model to save labor costs, because longer shift hours can allow the company to hire fewer workers, thereby saving welfare costs.

Amazon believes that this model can simplify its operations and provide a longer window for customers to order products. The company also quickly noticed the three new facilities, where the hourly wage for transferring DCH1 workers is at least $15 per hour and provides comprehensive benefits.

Nevertheless, large-scale shifts still have several obvious disadvantages for workers. Flexibility is not as good as five to eight-hour shifts. A recent report found that during holidays, employees work longer hours at a time, and Amazon warehouses have a higher injury rate.

DCH1 Amazon United is trying to challenge this decision. This week, the organization began a petition for giant shift workers. They require the company to pay employees an extra $2 per hour and provide accommodation for employees who cannot work the entire shift due to other obligations.

The organization said in the petition: “Amazon’s changes in the delivery station shift schedule have thrown our lives into chaos.” “They gave us two weeks to decide whether to take care of our family and find a job. Time. This is an unacceptable level of control over our lives.”

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