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Amazon debuts free video-streaming service MiniTV in its India app

Amazon has released an ad-supported, free video streaming service known as MiniTV in the Amazon India app, TechCrunch reviews. It’s a unique offering than its separate Amazon Prime Video service, as MiniTV contains inside Amazon’s traditional purchasing app instead of its very own standalone app.

MiniTV’s catalog consists of mostly older content that its content material partners made initially for YouTube and other systems only available to customers in India. The lineup includes beauty and fashion content material, tech news, and cooking indicates. Amazon’s partners for the channel include:

  • Indian web content material studios.
  • Packages and TV.
  • A listing of well-known Indian comedians.

The organization says it’s making plans for “new and special videos” within the coming months but didn’t offer a timetable.

As TechCrunch notes, the channel needs to serve as a competitor to Flipkart Video, the free streaming service released in 2019 by Walmart-owned Flipkart, certainly one of Amazon’s most prominent rivals in India.

Amazon remains to advertise its prime Video to clients in India as it competes with Netflix, which has plans to release more than three dozen new movies and indicates in India this year. The free MiniTV will help Amazon check whether or not or now no longer streaming content material can force income on its buying app.

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