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Alphabet’s Cyber ​​Balloon will work with Carriers

Alphabet’s web balloon project, Loon, took another big step forward, successfully forming a HAPS alliance with several large enterprises to jointly promote the network services provided by the high-altitude balloon.

Participating companies are all in the telecommunications industry, including multi-site operators Deutsche Telekom, SoftBank, Bharti Airtel, China Telecom and Telefonica, as well as application-level companies such as Airbus, AeroVironment, Ericsson, Intelsat, and Nokia.

The alliance will push government agencies to apply the high-altitude balloon network, but will also develop uniform technical standards and specifications, the ultimate goal is to create a “strong, convincing” single concept to promote this emerging technology, but ultimately there is the market competition between companies.

Alphabet Cyber ​​Balloon

Ten months before the alliance was formed, Loon partnered with Softbank to launch the HAPSMobile high-altitude broadband service, which it is believed will succeed in attracting these newcomers.

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            Loon currently provides Internet services in remote areas such as Puerto Rico, Kenya, and Peru. But to transform this technology and commercial technology, enterprises still need to study a whole development blueprint, not to flow into technology display and concept segment.

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