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All about a UI 3.0 version

Samsung will not wait for its next flagship smartphone to release the latest version of its customized Android skin. The company will release One UI 3.0 with Android 11, which is the next major Android operating system upgrade now available.

Before this, Samsung launched a Beta version plan for its own custom skin before releasing the Android 11 update.

The One UI 3.0 beta program officially ends on December 3, 2020. Samsung opened the program to the public about two months ago.

It released Beta firmware for Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series. Beta firmware has been provided to users in the US, UK, South Korea, Poland, Germany, China, and India.

One UI 3.0 improves many features and enhancements introduced by One UI 2.5. In addition to the new features, Samsung has also made many changes to the user interface, and these new features make One UI 3.0 one of the best iterations of its custom appearance.

The previous version of Samsung’s custom appearance is One UI 2.5. It was released together with the Galaxy Note 20 series and Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The arrival of OneUI 3.0 has not been synchronized with the release of the new flagship. It is only available for Samsung phones with Android 11.

A UI 3.0 Design and Enhancements

A UI 2.5 is an exercise for Samsung to improve. It didn’t really change the appearance of custom skins.

The functionality of a UI 3.0 is different. Samsung has made some major changes to the user interface to make them all look more modern and stylish.

Some notable changes include overhauling the notification bar, repositioning the volume control, and adjusting the lock screen. The appearance of many local applications such as the gallery, contacts, phone calls, and messages has also been improved.

Samsung has made the appearance more beautiful and refined with One UI 3.0. A conscious effort has been made to make all content look more fashionable.

It also made some fine-tunings to all content to improve the user experience on higher screens. Check out our in-depth article on all user interface changes and improvements in One UI 2.x and One UI 3.0.

A UI 3.0 Feature

A UI 2.5 does not add any major functions, but it does improve its predecessor products. For example, in addition to new filters and other features, camera modes such as single shooting have also been improved.

Samsung has introduced a new One UI 3.0 feature that can further improve its custom appearance.

A UI 3.0 allows you to turn off the screen by tapping twice in a blank area anywhere on the main screen.

The dynamic lock screen now supports more categories, and also adds the ability to customize the call screen. See the complete One UI 3.0 changelog for more details.

A UI 2.5 does not add any major functions, but it does improve its predecessor products. For example, in addition to new filters and other features, camera modes such as single shooting have also been improved.

This is similar to One UI 3.0. The autofocus and auto exposure functions have been improved. When taking photos of the moon,

Galaxy phones that can achieve high zoom levels will also benefit from improved stability. Now, the photo editor enables users to restore the edited photo to the original version.

A UI 3.0 Release Date

Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S20 product lineup will be the first product using Android 11 this year. Samsung started rolling out the stable One UI 3.0 Android 11 update to users around the world on December 3, 2020.

Samsung confirmed that the compatible Galaxy A series will receive the One UI 3.0 update in the first half of 2021.

Samsung devices for Android 11 will also get One UI 3.0. Since the company recently updated its upgrade policy, certain other devices will also apply to One UI 3.0.

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