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Acer’s new spatial labs technology brings 3D content to laptop screens

spatial labs

Acer has announced Spatial labs, a new 3D technology that will debut on the company’s concept laptop. This is not something we will see on real-time consumer devices anytime soon – but it is great nonetheless.

SpatialLabs is, according to Acer, “a suite of experiences powered by state-of-the-art optical solutions.” Clearly, this is a set of tools that look very realistic and cool without the need for special glasses to view 3D work.

It delivers content in stereoscopic 3D, which presents a pair of nearly-but-not-quite-identical 2D images (one for each eye) that combine to look like a 3D image in your brain.

Spatial Labs uses a combination of three things to do this. The top bezel of the laptop has a stereo camera with two image sensors, which track the position of your eyes and head.

An optical lens is tied at the top of the display; Images for each eye are projected through this lens, then refracted to your eye. And inside is real-time rendering technology, which allows you to rotate and move 3D models in some applications.

spatial labs
spatial labs

You may not even have a mask during use and there may not be strong light behind you. And needless to say, you need a powerful system to run this stuff well: Acer sent me a ConceptD7 Pro with an eight-core Core i7-10875H, an Nvidia Quadro RTX 3000, and tech.

There is 32 GB RAM to test. One of these would be priced at $ 2,899.99 without the SpatialLabs features, and Acer did not specify how much additional accessories would add to the cost.

Acer showed me Spatial Labs working in both proprietary and third-party software. In SpatialLabs Model Viewer, which professionals would use to show 3D models, You can able to play with some animated 3D objects.

Light and shadow change as objects move, and you can adjust the intensity of light and the direction of its movement. However, the neat thing is that you can move objects along the Z-axis that is, pull them towards you and push them away from you, and it looks amazingly realistic.

This is not the first time we have seen glasses-free 3D on a portable device. From smartphones to Nintendo’s 3DS, all kinds of devices have tried it in the past. But this was the first iteration you’ve ever seen where turning your head an inch to the left didn’t ruin the whole thing. It was quite impressive.

You can also edit content in 2D on external displays while viewing content in real-time stereoscopic 3D on ConceptD, using Maya via PiStage (which allows you to quickly render projects with unrealistic engines ) Or blender via SpatialLabs Go. You can also use the latter to watch YouTube content that was created for VR or 3D TV.

SpatialLabs supports Unreal Engine through Acer’s XR runtime. You can use these to create and present 3D “experiences”. Acer is running a beta program for Unreal Engine developers and will give admitted participants a free ConceptDe Spatial Labs notebook for three months.

Concept had trouble with these two at first; The game was stuttery, and the showroom froze and would not close. Acer says it’s not uncommon to see how much the programs demand, and restarting the system will do the trick. It did, and they did just fine the second time. But Acer still has one or two clans to work with, it seems.

It was all fun to experience as a Leperson. But the main benefit of this technology will, of course, be for users who actually work with 3D.

There are several caveats for Spatial Labs. It may take some time before we see professionals adopting it with full force and before consumers can actually try it.

Acer has a working product. And it is great to witness this. If nothing else, like many other laptop technologies, this is a possible glimpse into the future.

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