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A new Ubisoft MMO based on extreme sports is coming out in September


During its Ubisoft Forward show on Saturday, Ubisoft announced Riders Republic, its upcoming extreme sports MMO.

Ubisoft showcased some of the sports that you can take part in, including biking, snowboarding, and wingsuiting in a trailer lasting nearly five minutes.

There will be a variety of modes in the game, including mass races (with more than 50  players on next-gen consoles) and six vs. six trick battles. There will also be lots of gear you can customize. For example, I noticed in the trailer that a biker had a built-in ice cream stand.


It will launch in September on all the major platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC. Features such as cross-play and cross-saving will be a part of the game as well.

Now is the time to sign up for an upcoming beta test to be a part of the game before it comes out.

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