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A new Google search tool makes finding a doctor easier

Having difficulty finding a doctor who takes your insurance is no surprise to anyone who has ever looked for one. Google’s new search tools might make the process a little easier.

The search engine giant has unveiled new services that let you find out more about the insurance plans and languages your doctor speaks. 

You can now filter your search on mobile by doctors who take Medicare when looking for a new doctor. That’s pretty cool!

You will see a prominent button saying “Accepts Medicare” when searching for “doctors near me,” which simplifies the process of narrowing down your search results.

You can check which insurance plans a particular doctor “might” accept if you search for information about a specific doctor.

According to a Google spokesperson, the company gathers information from healthcare and government organizations. Health insurance information can also be added to the profiles of healthcare providers.

The search engine is now surfacing languages as another source of information about prospective patients. Adding languages to a physician’s profile can be done by editing the profile.

A doctor’s profile may have “language assistance,” so you can check that the doctor speaks the language you and your family can understand.

There are independent doctor search engines such as ZocDoc, as well as insurance provider search engines. Many people, however, still turn to word-of-mouth referrals from friends, which can make finding doctors you can’t actually see frustrating. 

Google’s new tools could make searching within a health care system that makes no sense a little easier.

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