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5 best Android parental control apps and other methods

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Over the years, the parental controls on mobile phones have changed a lot. In the past, the kid mode of the device turned off the UI completely, trapping the kid in a specific application.

Unfortunately, the children’s mode is easy to solve, and the effect is not good. In any case, there are better options. These new options give your child more freedom to do what they want, while still controlling you.

This is the best parental control app for Android and other methods in case you need further control. There are no child mode apps on this list because this is a seriously outdated method.

  1. IvyMobile’s AppLock
  2. Find my Kids
  3. Google Family Link
  4. Safe Lagoon
  5. Antivirus parental control app

IvyMobile’s AppLock

Price: Free

App Lock is a great way to prevent children from entering apps on your phone. This is mainly for parents with young children who can use their parents’ phones to watch YouTube children or play children’s games.

AppLock by IvyMobile

The app lock will add the password to your other apps. Therefore, if your child returns to the home screen and starts to click on sensitive content such as the Facebook application or the banking application, they will get nothing.

We have a complete list, but IvyMobile’s list is free and relatively simple to use. This should keep children away from sensitive things until they are older enough to understand better.

Find My Kids

Price: Free/US$2.99 ​​per month/US$16.99 per year/US$25.99 once

“Find My Child” has less effect on the parental control application. This can track your child’s location at any time. You can see where they are, where they have been, and where they have been.

We like the simplicity of this application. You turn it on and you can instantly see the location of all children. Some other features include notifications when your child’s mobile phone cannot send location notifications, and you can view the apps they use.

Find mY Kids

There are also some security controls for your child’s device’s battery monitor and home chat, so you can ask where they are. Compared with most competitors such as Life360, its price is surprisingly cheap.

Besides, even if you can only use the license on three devices at a time, you can purchase it once for $25.99.

Google Family Link

Price: Free

Google Family Link is our first choice for controlling parents. Your child can use the mobile phone freely and is satisfied with all the content. We recommend using Family Link first because it has many functions and can also be directly integrated into the Android OS itself, which is not available in any other applications.

Some of these features include viewing all the apps your child uses, viewing their location, viewing their habits, and locking your device if you want them to relax on the phone.

The only drawback is the setup process. It’s a bit painful, but if you need it, we have a tutorial here.

Google Family Link

Safe Lagoon

Price: Free

Safe Lagoon is a lighter version of Google Family Link but can do a few different things. You can view content such as apps and games your child uses. Besides, you can find their location, control the time limit in certain apps and games, and lock the phone when needed.

However, you can also perform the following operations, such as monitoring instant messages, setting their inaccessible locations, and performing other clever operations.

The app says this is for cyberbullying, but you can also use it for other purposes. The setup is relatively simple and is a good choice for Google Family Link.

Antivirus parental control app

Price: Free/Varies

Some antivirus suites come with parental controls. Those who use antivirus applications can sometimes use only parental control extensions for all-in-one operations. Some examples of antivirus applications with parental control extensions include ESET (link on the button below) and Norton.

These types of apps usually make you think of things like checking your kid’s network activity, which apps to download and use, sharing your kid’s location, and even sometimes support wearables.

They usually work properly, but usually require you to obtain a license before using the entire antivirus product.

Talk to your child

Sometimes children only need some advice, and nothing is more important than parental involvement. Teach your child about the dangers of the Internet, what to do when encountering cyberbullying, whereabouts, and whereabouts.

One day, your child will grow up to be unable to monitor what they are doing. They need to be prepared for this day. Surveillance is especially useful for young children, but consider relaxing surveillance as you age, and you will trust them more.

Don’t underestimate the value of a participating parent. Schools can only teach children a lot about the world.

Set up parental controls on Google Play

Google Play has quite powerful parental control functions. For beginners, you can add a combination lock when you buy, so that your kids won’t get crazy with debit cards and can’t buy in-app purchases from the games they play.

Set up parental controls on Google Play

It is usually a use case for this kind of thing, but you can get a deeper understanding. After adding your child to your family account, you can restrict access to apps and games.

For example, you can tell Google Play to show your children only teenagers or below with a rating of T, and the Play Store will automatically filter out things for adults over 17 or adults over 18.

This is also linked to Google Family Link to a certain extent, so we recommend using this information with the app for the best results.

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