Facebook releases a report about the most popular news feed posts


According to Facebook, in the last quarter, people most widely viewed posts from President Biden, videos from 5-Minute Crafts, and arguments about whether you should put sugar on spaghetti. Several recent reports have suggested that some of the platform’s top posts come from right-wing sources, which critics fear could have radicalizing effects on its users. […]

Twitter makes it easier to reference spaces in other apps


According to Twitter, the company updated its API v2 to let developers access space’s social audio rooms, which could facilitate sharing information outside the Twitter application. Twitter has been rapidly improving Spaces, but before now, you could only use them from within the company’s own apps. According to Twitter, “all developers using the new Twitter […]

Cryptocurrency supporters are fighting their first big battle in Congress 2021


Cryptocurrency – A major infrastructure package approved by the Senate last week makes serious investments in improving the US’s road and bridge system. Nearly every powerful lobbying shop in Washington worked for months to shape the bill’s language since it was the biggest domestic spending bill in almost a decade. Unsurprisingly, one industry was added […]