Tesla’s Model S Plaid performs at $130,000


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, detailed all the new features, as well as the speed and range, of the Model S Plaid at an event last night. Several journalists were also shown how it feels to go from 0 to 60 MPH in less than 2 seconds in person.  Musk said the Model S Plaid […]

Jackbox offers a social skills rebuilding tool with its ‘practice friends’


Jackbox – After more than a year of COVID-19 lockdowns, your social skills may have deteriorated. Jackbox Games believes that it can help you learn how to be human once the pandemic is finally (hopefully? Maybe? Please?) fading away. Jackbox is offering free “practice friends” that will remind you what it’s like to interact with […]

Endless Dungeon will be available on console and PC in 2022

Endless Dungeon

A fresh look at Endless Dungeon was revealed at Summer Game Fest. Since Amplitude Studios and Sega announced the tower defense roguelike last year, we haven’t seen much of it.  New footage from the game shows the game’s multiplayer squad-based combat. A three-member team can be composed of 12 characters in Endless Dungeon.   The PlayStation […]

Nintendo Switch game Kingdom Come: Deliverance is another hard port

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the action role-playing game that was an immediate hit in 2018, is  coming to Nintendo Switch. Nintendo leaked a trailer for the project in January, but the developers emphasized that this was an error and a port wasn’t “planned at the moment.” If you’re unfamiliar, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a strategy RPG […]

A new Call of Duty game is in development for PlayStation

Call of Duty

A new studio has been founded by two of the most important figures in the history of Call of Duty. Deviation Games was announced at Summer Game Fest by former Treyarch employees Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell. A new IP is also under development for Sony, though the project has not yet been revealed. The […]

A supernatural story comes to life with Last Stop

Last Stop

Last Stop – The supernatural story of Last Stop will be coming to consoles and PC on July 22nd. Varable State, developer of the upcoming PC and console game, will release its latest title on  July 22nd. A narrative third-person anthology game, the studio describes it as such. The game has you playing three different […]

Windows 11 startup sounds revealed in new video from Microsoft

Windows 11

Windows 11 is once again being teased by Microsoft. Microsoft has just published a new YouTube video with an 11-minute (ahem) collection of startup sounds from different Windows versions. As a result, they have been slowed down by 4000 percent, and Microsoft intends this to be a relaxing video for anyone who has become overexcited […]

Uber offers to pay drivers health insurance


Uber sent an email last month offering to pay some health insurance costs to some drivers and delivery workers – and then revoked that  offer two weeks later. There were unspecified numbers of Uber drivers and delivery workers who received an email from the company on May 26th with the subject line “It’s a great […]