Microsoft Teams now lets you share apps with external users

The new Microsoft Teams meeting feature lets you interact with people outside your organization. There is a new feature in Microsoft Teams that enables your meetings with people from outside your organization to use apps. A feature such as this can be used to enhance meetings and enhance interaction between participants.  According to the Microsoft […]

The government of the United States takes serious action against ransomware


Fuel shortages and a meat scare were all it took, but the United States emerged stronger than ever. There will be a lot more attention paid to ransomware by the Justice Department. However, it should be taken more seriously. As reported by Reuters, the DOJ is “raising the priority of investigating ransomware attacks to one […]

It is rumored that 2K is working on a Marvel ‘XCOM’ and Borderlands sequel


New rumors suggest that 2K Games is preparing a host of new titles, including a Marvel strategy game from one of its subsidiaries, XCOM, and a Borderlands spinoff called Tiny Tina. According to Video Games Chronicle, the scuttlebutt is the result of a leaked games list posted to Reddit, which was later verified by Bloomberg […]

Linux will get DLSS from Nvidia and Valve


A performance boost is coming for Linux gamers using Valve’s Proton compatibility tool to play Windows games: Nvidia is working with Valve to offer FPS boosts using its DLSS technology found on its RTX cards. I’m almost tempted to start gaming on Linux again after seeing this. Game players can gain a competitive edge by […]

TikTok apologizes for repeatedly removing the intersex hashtag


The #intersex hashtag was not working on TikTok as of last week, according to intersex activist Pigeon Pagonis. Their own tag wouldn’t work, and searching for intersex produced a “null” page when they tried to click it. Pagonis noticed the tag disappearing for the second time, and they worried TikTok had banned it just as […]

“Tank Man” censorship by Bing was a human error, says Microsoft

Tank Man

Microsoft’s Bing search engine did not show results for a part of Friday when searching for “Tank Man,” the image of the protester synonymous with Tiananmen Square in 1989. The same issue was encountered by Vice users in the US, as well as users from other countries. Even stranger, searching “Tank Man” and “Tiananmen Square […]

Mozilla, Apple, Google, and Microsoft team up for a “common vision” on extensions

Mozilla, Apple, Google, and Microsoft

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are working together “to advance a common platform for browser extensions.” The newly formed WebExtensions Community Group remarked on what it doesn’t intend to do, “plan to specify, standardize, or coordinate extension signing and delivery,” while still facilitating the development of the tools with a “common core of functionality, APIs, […]

Tinder allows you to block people by phone number


Several young people are getting back into the dating pool after months of lockdown after hot girl summer 2021, and Tinder is making it easier to avoid old flings (and the awkward feelings that inevitably follow). Your phone’s contact book can be blocked from displaying people when you swipe using its Block Contacts feature. You […]