Google has made it harder for apps to track you after opting out


Getting access to information about users who choose not to receive personalized ads is going to be harder for Android apps after Google announced changes to how it handles unique device identifiers. Toward the end of the year, Google will no longer accept advertising IDs from users who opt-out and will display developers with a […]

Season 7 of Fortnite will debut alongside new PC visuals


The PC version of Fortnite will soon receive an upgrade in terms of graphics. A new “epic” graphical setting is coming to the PC version of Chapter 2: Season 7, which launches this June. This new update will include “enhanced effects, better shadow quality, and new post-processing capabilities.”  According to its Fortnite website, the PS5 […]

You might get a crypto-miner with your next laptop from Norton


Mining of Ethereum is now available with Norton 360, an antivirus package that many of our readers will recognize from setting up their parents’ computers (via BleepingComputer).  According to Norton’s press release, users looking to mine crypto won’t have to go digging through the dark, scary web where they could probably find “unvetted code.” Additionally, […]

WhatsApp soon will allow users to use their accounts on up to four devices


According to a statement from WhatsApp, the company will introduce its long-rumored multi-device support in the coming months. The feature will allow users to access their accounts from multiple devices at once. As part of the announcement, users were also able to choose between viewing once or disappearing entirely. This news emerged from an interview […]

Huawei has begun rolling out its Android option for smartphones and tablets

Huawei’s plans call for it to abandon Android. Using existing smartphones and tablets, HarmonyOS 2 is being rolled out starting today. Updates are being rolled out first to Mate40, P40, Mate30, and MatePad Pro. HarmonyOS will be available on tablets like the Nova 6, Nova 7, and Nova 8, as well as the Mate 20 […]

Massive Multi-Modal AI in China is Not One Idea

Multi-Modal AI

The performance of Multi-Modal AI Open AI’s GPT-3 model was widely considered to be state of the art when it was introduced in May 2020. GPT-3 sets a new standard for deep learning by generating imperceptible text from human-generated prose. It’s amazing how much a year can change everything. Chinese researchers released Tuesday Wu Dao, […]

Video game arts will be featured at DICE Awards new festival


A new annual festival will honor the technical talent that helped shape gaming’s visual identity by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS). AIAS also organizes the DICE Awards. During the opening ceremony, called The Game Maker’s Sketchbook, a jury of industry insiders will be presenting awards in categories such as storyboards, environmental art, […]

Microsoft will release the next version of Windows on June 24

Windows 11

Microsoft announced that the next generation of Windows will be unveiled at 11am on June 24. The company teased the next generation of Windows during Build last week.  There are invitations going out to the media, and its CEO Satya Nadella will be joined by its president, Panos Panay. The new OS had been tested […]

Businesses can communicate faster and easier with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is still important to many businesses, even though its privacy policies have caused problems, and it plans to make those transfers faster by updating its Business API. The first improvement is that you won’t have to type as much–you can now tap on options rather than compose a message. You will also receive more […]

Facebook opens its Messenger API for Instagram to all developers


Instagram is now able to access Facebook Messenger through its API. An initial beta test of the API was held this fall, where 30 developers and 700 brands were allowed access, including Ford and H&M. Now any developer who wants to start building for the platform has access to the tool, which can be followed […]