The European Union is developing a digital wallet for payments, passwords, and IDs

European Union

According to the Financial Times, the European Union (EU) is about to unveil a digital wallet that will allow citizens to store payment information and passwords within the bloc. With one ID, users from all 27 countries can store documents such as driving licenses and access private and public services. As of now, each EU […]

Twitter is developing more detailed misinformation warnings

Twitter baseread

The most powerful person in the world once had to be banned from Twitter because of its fight against misinformation. During the pandemic, it’s expanding its label since fraud and misinterpretation are eternal concerns. Soon, you’ll see three types of warning labels beneath relevant tweets, all of which provide more context to help you swindle […]

Knockout City is free until level 25

Knockout City

Since Knockout City was released earlier this month, everyone has been able to access it for free until 30 May. Those who missed out on the limited-time promotion have one more chance to watch the multiplayer dodgeball game before you pay $20, which unlocks the full experience. There is no charge this week for the […]