Fitbit may soon add snoring detection to its devices


Fitbit may soon add snoring and noise detection to its products, which will likely please snoring spouses and partners and may be of interest to people who believe snoring could be a sign of health problems. According to a Google report, the latest version of the Fitbit app on Google’s Play Store is able to […]

Office script can automate repetitive Excel tasks

Office Script

Office script – If you use an Excel spreadsheet on a regular basis, you may have to repeat the same steps regularly. For example, you may need to import data every day, delete some columns, and reformat some parts of the spreadsheet. To speed up this process and reduce repetitive tasks, Microsoft provides a new […]

Microsoft Teams will soon allow you to open offline files

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has a new feature that allows you to view offline files. This feature appears on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, and the status indicates that the new feature may be in place as soon as June 2021. As with the Microsoft 365 roadmap, dates may change. “Even without an Internet connection, users can now […]

How to use save a draft for Instagram?


“Save Draft” is perhaps one of the most requested Instagram features by daily power users and social media strategists. Certain it is a step away from the “instant” gratification on that Instagram is predicated, however, it extremely is a must-have. What is a save draft? In short, this means that you just are currently ready […]

Twitch warns creators after receiving 1,000 DMCA statements from record companies


Twitch’s copyright issues will not go away. In an email shared by esports consultant Rod Breslau, the company warned that it had recently received a batch of approximately 1,000 personal DMCA removal notices. All claims involve archived broadcasts, most of which feature the anchor listening to music in the background while playing games or talking […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator shrinks initial install size from 170GB to 83GB

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator – If you are thinking about learning more about the latest surreal version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Kotaku points out that it will be easier now, and the reason is simple: the initial installation of the game is much smaller. At the time of release, installing the game may occupy 170GB on […]

Venmo leaked Joe Biden’s friends, but now keep your friends a secret


Venmo has added new privacy controls to the friend’s list following a stunning incident where Buzzfeed News was able to track President Joe Biden’s Venmo account due to a leaked privacy protocol of the app. App investigator Jane Manchun Wong found earlier on Friday that Venmo was working on new controls. The Venmo spokesman said […]

Twitter will work on Facebook-style responses


According to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter could add some new emojis to enhance its earlier angular, presently heart-shaped Like button. Assets that Wong found – that are reliable predictions of future characteristics within the past – show “cheer,” “hmm,” “sad,” and “haha” emoji responses, although some currently have only placeholder emojis. Since 2016, […]