Apple reportedly plans AirPods professional with fitness tracking for 2022


Rumored drip-feeds on Apple’s new earbuds have to unfold leaked pictures and design info. Now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that the new AirPods and AirPods pro can land during this year and 2022 respectively. According to folks familiar with the plans, the latter can have updated motion sensors along with fitness tracking allowances. Considering Apple’s […]

Microsoft Unveils New Phishing Campaign by SolarWinds Hackers

SolarWinds Hackers

SolarWinds Hackers – As indicated by Microsoft, the gathering behind the immense SolarWinds hackers is additionally running a convoluted email-based lance phishing effort. In an exceedingly during a post by company VP Tom Burt, he said that the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) has detected a wave of cyberattacks against government agencies, assume tanks, and […]

Amazon will install tiny ‘Zenbooth’ meditation kiosks in its warehouses


As a defining moment of 2021 might go down, Amazon has disclosed the kiosk to assist destroy more overworked employees, Vice has reported. known as “ZenBooth”, it’s a small “careful practice room” regarding the size of an old-fashioned phone booth. There, one will observe the company’s “AmaZen” program that guides them “through mindfulness practices in […]

Incredible Blender web series about Cyberpunk merchant merchandiser


After 3 years of production, Ian Hubert, the king of one-minute blender Tutorials, has uploaded the first episode of his sci-fi series, generator Dream. It’s been worth the wait. The series could be a mix of live-action and CGI that follows a salad merchant on a typical day through the dense streets of Sunset District, […]

Google is currently involved in a full class-action lawsuit over whether it paid women less


According to a Bloomberg report, four women working for Google have achieved class-action standing for their gender equality proceeding against the search engine company, permitting them to represent 10,800 women. The lawsuit alleges that in violation of California’s Equal Pay Act, Google pays men ladies girls for similar work, and Google pays its female workers […]

Tesla begins using in-car cameras for autopilot driver Observance


Elon Musk previously rejected the idea… Tesla has started using cameras on top of the rear-view mirrors in Model 3 and Model Y to make sure that people concentrate on the road once using Autopilot, the company’s advanced driver help system. Until now, the most approach Tesla’s cars have measured driver attention is through torque […]

Facebook will now warn you about pages that continuously share fake news


If you are attempting to like a page like this, you will see a pop-up saying that the page has “repeatedly shared fake data,” which “independent fact-checkers have said the information is fake news”. Taking another step to traumatize information on the platform, Facebook is taking steps to weed out pages that repeatedly spread fake […]