Knockout City’s virtual dodgeball is more turbulent than the genuine one

Knockout City

Knockout City returned me to the youth round of dodgeball with a similar sound: “Whamf!” That one commotion, which you’ll hear a ton of as a dodgeball skips as far as possible, demonstrating that the game’s virtual variant of dodgeball imitates the genuine one – including games you may recall from games on the jungle […]

Jaguar i-Pace is Google’s first electric street view car


Google finally has its first all-electric vehicle to capture Street View. Tech giants Jaguar Land Rover announced today that they have collaborated to design an all-electric i-Pace SUV with the necessary equipment to capture Street View imagery, and deploy the car in Dublin, Ireland. The i-Pace will also collect more general Google Maps data, and […]

Sling TV announces a completely redesigned app, and it looks great

Sling TV

Compared to competitors such as YouTube TV and Hulu, Sling TV has never been the most attractive app, and the overall user experience leaves something to be desired.  It is quite easy to ignore these flaws as Sling TV underperforms those rivals on price, but today the company announced a completely redesigned app that focuses […]

Microsoft Teams opens up for new collaborative apps that plug into meetings


Microsoft Teams first let developers build third-party apps in teams last year, but the company is going a step ahead in Build 2021 today. In an effort to create more app developers for teams, Microsoft is opening its critical APIs, Teams Store, and tools that it calls collaborative apps. Developers will soon be able to […]

Tiktok changed text-to-speech voice after voice actor trial


Tiktok has changed the voice over her content-to-discourse highlight, only weeks after an entertainer recorded a claim professing to be the first voice, expressing that she had never consented to show up in the application. New voices have been appearing in Tikkok for the past few days – often commenting on changes in people’s videos. […]