Fortnite made more than $9 billion in revenue in its first years


After a meteoric rise to reputation in 2018, Fortnite generated more than $5 billion in its first 12 months for Epic video games, new financial documents reveal. The report, made public as a part of Epic’s court battle with Apple over the latter’s App store practices, indicates that the game introduced more than $9 billion […]

Arrival and Uber are working on an electric-powered ride-hailing automobile

Arrival and Uber

UK-based EV startup Arrival is working with Uber to expand an electric-powered car with the purpose to be “motive-built” for ride-hailing. Arrival plans to place the car into manufacturing in late 2023 and says it’s going to not be unique to Uber. Alternatively, the startup says the purpose is to create a less expensive vehicle […]