The Global Economy in the new Decade

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The economic turmoil in modern global history is usually accomplished through a period of hopeful reshaping and revival. After the Great Depression in 1929 and the disaster of World War II, Keynesianism put forward the idea of ​​counter-cyclical government intervention, which has flourished in the Western world for decades. The oil crisis and stagnation of […]

Google suspended the Parler app on the Play Store for lack of Moderation


In the days since the attack on the US Capitol this week, the social network Parler has attracted much attention. Now, Google has deactivated the Parler app from the Android Play Store because of the lack of moderation of the app was the reason for its deletion. As social networks have become popular alternatives to […]

Why Twitter says it banned President Trump

Twitter permanently banned the President of the United States on Friday, taking a major step and limiting Trump’s ability to communicate with his followers. Given his encouragement to violently invade the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, this decision seemed to be sudden to anyone not particularly familiar with his Twitter identity. In fact, Twitter gave Trump […]

Donald Trump has been kicked off of Twitter

A few days ago, after Twitter temporarily suspended Donald Trump’s account, the company said that further violations of its terms could result in the suspension. As detailed in the blog post, Twitter decided that some of the presidential tweets published today violated its policies, and as a result, his personal @realdonaldtrump account is no longer […]

Apple’s App Store is estimated to reach $64 billion in 2020

Apple App Store

According to CNBC’s analysis, Apple’s App Store’s revenue in 2020 was US$64 billion, an increase of 28% from the US$50 billion in 2019. This represents a substantial increase in the App Store, as the estimated growth between 2018 and 2007 was only 3.1% in 2019. It is difficult to explain the exact reason for the […]

LineageOS 17.1 is Coming soon on OnePlus Nord

Oneplus Nord

OnePlus’ original OnePlus Nord phone caused a sensation, offering its hardware and OxygenOS experience at a more accessible price. For those users who may not like OxygenOS or want their devices to be used longer than the official update time, LineageOS 17.1 has gained support for OnePlus Nord. LineageOS is one of the most popular […]