TikTok Debuts Its First AR Effect to Use LiDAR in iPhone 12 Pro Models


TikTok introduced the first augmented reality effect to take advantage of the LiDAR technology in the iPhone 12 Pro device. The effect is shared on TikTok’s official Twitter account, celebrating the new year with golden balloons and confetti explosions, reacting to the presence of real objects in the environment. To ring in 2021 we released […]

Google Nest will release a new series of security cameras in 2021

google new nest camera 2021

Google Nest first announced Cam IQ in June 2017 as an upgrade to its entry line of security cameras. In late September, the Cam IQ Outdoor series was launched. The company confirmed to us that it has sold out the model today, and existing owners will see “ongoing feature support, software fixes, and important security […]

Steam is expanding Xbox controller support

XBox S

Steam’s latest Beta update adds new features to gamers using Xbox controllers. Xbox Elite controller users are one of the more interesting features. They can now use Valve’s software to bind accessory rear dials in the controller configuration. This feature provides players with the flexibility of how to use additional inputs on the advanced controller. […]

Intel is using its RealSense technology for facial recognition


Intel has found another use for its RealSense depth-sensing camera. It combines this technology with neural networks to develop a facial recognition system that can access things like smart locks and ATMs at a glance. Similar to Apple’s Face ID, RealSense ID can scan your facial contours. Intel claims that the system can adapt to […]

Facebook locks out Donald Trump for 24 hours

Facebook New Update

Facebook also imposed new restrictions on Donald Trump. The social network said it will prohibit the president from posting on its page for the next 24 hours. The company cited “two policy violations” as the reason for its upgrade. The company said in a statement: “We have evaluated two policy violations against President Trump Page, […]

Twitter pulls Trump video that it said posed a Risk of Violence

President Trump

After the unprecedented mob attack on the Capitol, Twitter imposed restrictions and then deleted a tweet from President Donald Trump, including its accompanying video. Due to Twitter’s “risk of violence”, users initially cannot reply, like, or repost the post. Then, all tweets containing the video were deleted, with non-specific links to Twitter policy guidelines. In […]