Dell’s latest Latitude business laptops add an automated webcam shutter

CES is coming soon, and Dell will launch some new versions of Latitude laptops designed for corporate customers, led by the new Latitude 9420 x 9520. These devices will add Intel’s new 11th generation vPro chip will be available in March 2021 and new features, such as an automatically integrated webcam shutter, which can physically […]

This is how Samsung’s Galaxy Note 21 Ultra looks

The Galaxy Note series will be phased out soon, although for now, the product lineup is safe because Samsung has confirmed its plan to release at least one more product. We still don’t know what the 2021 model will look like, but the folks at LetsGoDigital have now collaborated with designer Snoreyn to give us […]

How to pick the best 5G carrier for you?

The coronavirus pandemic may hinder phone sales, but the development of 5G is still accelerating. Despite the violent attacks of conspiracy theories that caused physical damage to the 5G tower, the major US carriers-Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile-continue to add new 5G phones and expand their networks. However, there is obviously no carrier. Sprint has now […]

Watch NASA’s 2021 promotional video, full of moon dreams and Mars hope

Last year was significant for space missions. Now that we officially enter 2021, NASA is looking forward to a package of space exploration programs, its goal is to land on the moon, Mars, and beyond. The space agency released a video trailer to promote the New Year’s plan, and the moon is the star of […]

When setting financial goals for 2021, consider these lessons from the pandemic

No Cost Refinance Loan

Drawing up a new list of financial resolutions is not a routine task before. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed this situation because it has changed many other behaviors. According to Fidelity Investments’ “New Year’s Financial Resolutions for 2021” survey, this is not only the usual way to plan to save money, reduce debt or re-evaluate […]

Google employees formed the first union of a tech giant

Google employee

More than 200 workers from Google’s parent Alphabet have taken steps to form a union, a rare development plan for an American technology giant. They said the organization will give employees greater powers to express concerns about the company’s discriminatory work practices and how it handles online hate speech. This move follows employee strikes and […]

UK lenders approved more than 100,000 mortgage loans in November, the most in 13 years.

UK Economic

Due to the implementation of pandemic restrictions, house purchases declined in April and May. However, the stamp duty holiday (expiring in March) triggered a series of home buying activities and helped boost prices. Home purchases and stock market recovery are in stark contrast to rising unemployment and the British economic downturn. Data from the National […]