Huawei may be developing a camera with a display

Huawei smartphone Design

A new Huawei smartphone was found in the patent. The smartphone has very rounded edges and may have an under-screen camera. Two Huawei patents discovered by LetsGoDigital show phones with the same design, although their rear camera settings are different, which indicates that they may be two different models of the same device. Interestingly, the […]

Nikon P950 Review: Epic zoom, Easy to use


With the scarcity of news for point-and-shoot cameras, the Nikon P950 has become the remaining category that smartphones cannot touch: superzoom. The P950 has an 83-fold, 24-2,000mm equivalent lens that can capture objects that are not visible to the naked eye. “The Nikon P950’s 83x zoom lens can capture excellent details, but sometimes performance is […]

Top Italian Doctor says Coronavirus losing potency


A senior Italian doctor said that the new coronavirus is losing its potency or effectiveness and its lethality is greatly reduced. Alberto Zangrillo, head of the Milano San Rafael Hospital in Milan, Lombardy, said: “In fact, this virus no longer exists in Italy.” He told RAI TV on Sunday: “The swabs performed in the past […]