Facebook presently gives you a chance to add music to your profile and Stories

Facebook reported it was putting forth a few new feature for clients to fuse music into their on-site profiles and it is looking particularly like MySpace. The organization intends to add the ability to tune in to music on Stories and Profiles. Clients will have the ability to utilize music in Stories. To utilize it, […]

Functions and Pointers in C Programming Language (Part 2)

In the event that you have gotten a handle on the idea of ‘calling’ a function you are set up for a call to in excess of one function. Think about the following program: main( ) { printf (“\n This is main Function”); clanguage( ); javaLanguage( ); htmlLanguage( ); } cLanguage( ) { printf(“\n I […]

Functions and Pointers in C Programming Language (Part 1)

Unconsciously we depend on such huge numbers of people for such a large number of things. Human is a smart species yet at the same time can’t play out the majority of life’s assignments isolated. We need to depend on others. You may call a mechanic to repair your bicycle, employ a nursery worker to […]

switch Versus if-else Ladder in C Programming Language

There are a few things that you essentially can’t do with a switch. These are: A float expression can’t be tried utilizing a switch Cases can never have a variable expression (for instance it isn’t right to state case a +6 : ) Multiple cases can’t utilize the same expression. In this way the accompanying […]

The Case Control Structure in C Programming Language

In actuality, we are regularly looked with circumstances where we are required to settle on a decision between various options instead of just a single or two. For instance, which school to join or which lodging to visit or still harder which young lady to wed. Genuine C writing computer programs is the same; the […]