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16 inch MacBook Pro Review: Now Do it Again

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At the beginning of this year, Apple released new models of iPad, iMac, and AirPods this month, AirPods Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro, which failed to debut at the autumn conference, are now also being launched coming.

Apple released a 16-inch MacBook Pro, and we also evaluated the experience of this notebook for the first time.MacBook Pro 16 inch cons

New Magic Keyboard replaces the Butterfly keyboard

The butterfly keyboard, which debuted on the 12-inch MacBook in 2015, users complained about its “iron plate typing” feel, and it was very uncomfortable and very prone to failure.

However, I have always been a big fan of the butterfly keyboard. The main reason is that the butterfly keyboard is extremely stable when typing, and the keys do not shift left and right.

New 16 inch MacBook Pro Keyboard

This time the 16-inch MacBook Pro‘s keyboard reverted from the butterfly structure to the scissor structure. Apple even called it a “magic keyboard”-you know, only the wireless keyboards that used the iMac and iMac Pro will use this name.

According to the official introduction, the keyboard of the new MacBook Pro uses an improved scissors structure with a keystroke of 1mm. The keypad retains the rubber film that was previously used to prevent the butterfly keyboard from getting dust. Save effort, in order to alleviate the problem of key shaking, Apple also introduced a new keycap structure that can lock the keycap on top of the keystroke.

New 16 inch MacBook Pro ESc Key

In addition to the changes in key structure, the key layout of the 16-inch MacBook Pro has also changed. First of all, the physical ESC key of the user is finally here. You will no longer be unable to use this key because you can’t touch it when you touch it blindly, or the touch bar is exhausted. And in order to maintain the symmetry of the design, the touch ID button is now independent of the touch bar.

Finally, the design of the arrow keys has become more logical, and the four key sizes are basically the same, instead of the left and right keys being large and the up and down keys being small as in the past, the layout has changed from the previous square to an inverted T-shape, and the operation is more convenient.

The screen is bigger and the quality is still excellent

The most obvious change in the new MacBook Pro is definitely the larger 16-inch display and narrower screen bezels.

The resolution of this 16-inch retina display has been improved, from 2880×1800 in the 15-inch version to 3072×1920, and the pixel density has also increased from 220ppi to 226ppi.

New 16 inch MacBook Pro

In addition, users can now manually adjust the screen refresh rate in System Preferences. If you are a professional video editor, you should not encounter the problem of fluctuating playback caused by the inconsistency between the editing content and the display refresh rate when using this device.

However, other parameters of this screen remain basically unchanged, including a maximum brightness of 500 nits, support for P3 wide color gamut, and support for original color technology.

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Judging from the actual look and feel, the display effect of this display is as excellent as ever, the picture is delicate, the colors are accurate, the viewing angle is wide, and the brightness is sufficient. It can be said that the MacBook series has maintained a high standard. The larger screen also brings more space for web browsing and video viewing. This size notebook screen can be said to be tailored for users with professional needs, and can better publish conferences in video, audio, and design. And other fields.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that although the display size is larger, Apple has managed to narrow the screen bezel of the new MacBook Pro, so the overall size of its body has not increased significantly compared to the 15-inch version (35.79 x 24.59 x 1.62cm vs. 34.93 x 24.07 x 1.55cm), so it does not add much burden to daily carrying. In the notebook market where extremely narrow bezels have gradually become a trend, Apple’s move is also in line with the trend.

Enhanced thermal and graphics performance

The 16-inch MacBook Pro‘s processor has not been upgraded. It is still a 2.6GHz six-core Core i7 and a 2.3GHz octa-core Core i9, with a maximum optional 2.4GHz octa-core Core i9.

However, its graphics card has been upgraded from the AMD Radeon Pro 500 series to the 5000M series, which uses AMD’s latest RDNA architecture, and the memory has also been upgraded from GDDR5 to GDDR6 (standard 4GB, optional 6GB).


Apple said that the standard Radeon Pro 5500M graphics performance with 4GB GDDR6 memory is up to 2.1 times higher than the Radeon Pro 560X (4GB GDDR5 graphics memory) used in the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Models (Radeon Pro Vega 20, 4GB HBM2 video memory) increase up to 80%.

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After actual testing, the 16-inch high-end version, whether it is CPU performance or GPU performance, is much higher than the previous generation 15-inch MacBook Pro. The performance of the new notebook this year is indeed stronger than expected.

In terms of storage, the new MacBook Pro still comes with 16GB of memory as standard, but the frequency has been increased from 2400MHz to 2666MHz, and the maximum capacity that users can choose is also increased to 64GB for the first time. In addition, the new model’s standard SSD capacity has doubled, from 256GB to 512GB (the high-profile version has expanded from 512GB to 1TB), and the continuous reading speed is up to 3.2GB / s. User-selectable maximum capacity has also doubled to 8TB.

After actual testing, the 16-inch MacBook Pro reads and writes extremely fast, which is especially noticeable when installing applications. The installation of applications is extremely fast and there is almost no stagnation.

MacBook Pro Heating

The last thing worth mentioning is heat dissipation. In the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple managed to improve the device’s cooling capacity. It uses a more advanced thermal architecture, a larger radiator impeller, and an increased number of blades, which can increase airflow by 28%. In addition, the heat conduction efficiency of the heat pipe is improved, and the area of ​​the heat sink is also increased by 35%.

Due to the enhanced cooling capacity, Apple claims that the 16-inch MacBook Pro can also increase power by up to 12W under high-intensity workloads and maintain it. The graphics card’s use of power has increased by 20%. The strongest MacBook Pro.

In the process of actual experience, when this notebook runs the same task as the 15-inch Pro, the 15-inch Pro will quickly turn on the fan for cooling, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro will remain quiet for a long time, enough to see This year’s heat dissipation has indeed improved.

Enhanced speaker and microphone effects

Notebook speakers are basically good-looking, and users have never expected how good the sound quality will be. The same is true of the microphone, which is enough to achieve the most basic clear sound.

However, in the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple has improved in both aspects. First of all, this device is equipped with a 6-speaker sound system, the most notable of which is the so-called “force-canceling” subwoofer.

MacBook Pro 16 inch Speaker

We all know that the subwoofer generates vibrations when transmitting heavy bass, and this physical vibration may affect the normal sound of the speakers in the limited body space of the notebook. To this end, Apple designed a new “force-eliminating” subwoofer. It is placed back-to-back inside the MacBook Pro body, the purpose of which is to offset the physical vibrations generated by each other during work.

The bass performance of the MacBook Pro is extremely good. We tested the 16-inch MacBook Pro and Lenovo LG and other notebooks and found that this 16-inch MacBook Pro is significantly ahead of other brands of notebooks in both bass and sound performance. Even in comparison with its own 15-inch MacBook Pro, the sound performance will open a significant gap.

After actual tests, even in the outdoor noisy road environment, the MacBook Pro can record audio clearly. I originally thought that the audio recording effect of the iPhone 11 this year has been very good. The elimination is far better than the iPhone 11 and almost reaches the professional level.

Repositioning Pro and Air product lines

Looking back a year ago, the MacBook series product line will entangle many users: the 12-inch MacBook is as light and portable as the 13-inch Air, and it also has a high-resolution display; the 13-inch Air and 13-inch Pro are close in price and performance. There is little difference, one with a wedge-shaped appearance and the other with slightly better performance, which also entangles many users.

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I think Apple must have noticed this problem, so it will gradually sort out the product line from this year. First canceled the MacBook that conflicted with Air, and at the end of this year, a new MacBook Pro was used to completely open up the distance from Air. Since then, the MacBook Pro represents the higher pursuit of professional software and powerful performance for professional users, while the Air represents the peaceful needs of mass users for lightness and battery life.

New 16 inch MacBook Pro Size

This is undoubtedly a good thing for users because more obvious product differentiation allows users to know more about their needs and to choose more satisfactory products.

In the process of evaluating the MacBook Pro, I have communicated with many professionals, such as film and television practitioners who use Final Cut Pro for perennial documentary filming, such as music creators who arrange through Logic Pro. Their feedback to me is consistent: The new MacBook Pro is a product that fuses multiple devices together.

In the past, they needed a dedicated server, a dedicated display, a dedicated microphone, and professional speakers, but after using the MacBook Pro, these requirements were increasingly integrated. In my opinion, this is also a direction for future upgrades of the MacBook Pro series: to become the first choice for professionals in terms of performance and features.


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